Second Year

Students can integrate their course plan and/or substitute some of the courses that follow below with some selected courses taken from the Master in Data Science for Complex Economic Systems or the Master in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management offered by the Collegio Carlo Alberto.

First Term, January - February 2016

Optional Courses Duration
General Equilibrium Theory 15h
History of Economics II 15h
Introduction to STATA 10h
Measure Theory 20h
Stochastic Calculus 20h
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Second Term, February - June 2016

Optional Courses Duration
Applied Economics 30h
Bayesian Statistics 20h
Complexity Economics and Agent-Based Models 30h
Decision Theory 20h
Econometric Theory II 30h
Game Theory 30h
Industrial Organization 30h
International Economics 20h
Macroeconomics 30h
Network Analysis 20h
Probability Theory 20h
Stochastic Processes 20h
Topics in the History of Modern Economics 20h

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Students are required to take at least 60 hours of classes over the two terms.

Students taking the ECOM curriculum should take as optional the following two (2) courses:

Students taking the TEFS curriculum should take as optional the following two (2) courses:

In addition students are also required to attend at least a weekly seminar series.

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