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How to Apply (SMA)


Application Procedure:

All students interested in enrolling in our program must apply to the Vilfredo Pareto School of Economics (Scuola di Dottorato di Economia in Italian) with the Specialisation in Statistics and Applied Mathematics (indirizzo in Statistica e Matematica Applicata in Italian). Applicants with an Italian residence (of Italian or foreign nationality) have to take the entrance exam, which comprises a written exam and an oral exam. Further details on this are given below.

Applicants who do not reside in Italy (regardless of their nationality) can either take the entrance examination like the residents, or choose to be evaluated only on their credentials (up to 5 candidates may thus be admitted). Please note that, by University decree, this second choice precludes the possibility of the exam: If your application is rejected you cannot then choose to take the exam. It is therefore suggested that only candidates with particularly outstanding credentials apply in this way.

The "Bando di Concorso", detailing all of the application requirements and procedures has been published on October 20, 2009. You can find all the information on the online application procedure by going to the following page of the University's web site: (for the page in Italian click here)

The deadline for completing the online application is 12:00 (noon) on November 10, 2009. Please directly contact the graduate office (say, by clicking here) should you experience any problems with the application procedure.

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Entrance Examination:

The entrance examination is open to candidates of all nationalities who satisfy the eligibility requirements. In terms of prerequisites, along with the general requirements stated in the page for the Vilfredo Pareto School, students applying for the Statistics and Applied Mathematics program are expected to have a good knowledge (at an intermediate level) of Mathematics and Probability for Economics, and of basic Finance, as detailed below.
  • Mathematics: Calculus of one and more variables, up to constrained maximization problems. Linear algebra. For example as covered in: Parts I-IV of Blume-Simon, "Mathematics for Economists" (Norton, 1994) or Chapters I-XIII of Ambrosetti-Musu, "Matematica generale e applicazioni all'economia" (2nd ed., Liguori, 1988).
  • Probability and Statistics: Foundations of probability calculus. Random variables and vectors and their moments. Basic definition of stochastic process. For example as covered in: Chapter 1 of Shiryaev, "Probability" (2nd ed., Springer, 1996; if you cannot find this text and prefer not to use another one, please contact us at ghirardato [at], so that we can help you locating it).
  • Finance: A basic knowledge and understanding of the following: The term structure of interest rates, portfolio theory, derivatives. For example as covered in: Chapters 2-4, 6 and 12 of Luenberger, "Investment Science" (Cambridge UP, 1997).

The entrance examination is made of a written test and an oral exam. The date of the written test is Monday, November 23 at 11 am. The exam will be held in the Collegio Carlo Alberto. Candidates will be allowed to write the test either in Italian or in English.

Observe: The exam is closed-book. However, candidates will be allowed to use a (non-programmable) calculator.

Candidates with good results in the written exam will be admitted to the oral exam, which will be held the next day, also at the Collegio. Interviews can be held either in Italian or in English. At the end of the oral exam, the admission committee will prepare three separates rankings, one for each of the doctoral programs of the School. In total, up to 9 fellowships will be awarded between the three programs, and 3 more students may be admitted to the School without fellowship.

To get a feel for the kind of questions that may appear in the exam which are more germane to our program, we provide below some samples of old exams. It is important to stress that in these exams our program was not part of the School, so that questions more germane to the other two programs do not figure at all there.

These are the three tests (one of which, drawn randomly, was the actual test) from the admission test for the "XIX ciclo":

These are the three tests (ditto) from the admission test for the "XX ciclo": Back to top
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Up to nine (9) scholarships (around 13,000 Euros per year) will be made available for the students enrolling in the Vilfredo Pareto School in the current academic year.

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