Official Call for the XXXIII Cycle

The official call for the next cycle of the Program (Cycle XXXIII) is now available:

Italian version | English version.

The deadline for applications is March 24, 2017 at 12.00 (noon) Italian local time.

The program will start on September 2017.

In addition to the official application, candidates that still did not do it are invited to send directly to their expression of interest according to the rules listed below.

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Expression of Interest for the XXXIII Cycle

The official call for the 33rd cycle of the Vilfredo Pareto PhD in Economics will be released on 1st March 2017. Official results will be announced by mid April. See the leaflet there.

The program will start on September 2017.

In the meantime potential candidates are still invited to submit their expressions of interests following the rules described below:

The following material must be sent to the email address

  • this completed form;
  • an updated Curriculum Vitae;
  • at least two letters of reference (please ask your referees to send the letters directly to;
  • a brief research proposal (3/5 pages) that (broadly) falls within one of the following research themes. The proposal should contain the research question, the state of the literature and the methodology the candidate intends to apply.
    1. Advances in corporate finance.
    2. Asset pricing models and portfolio choice models.
    3. Bayesian nonparametric models.
    4. Cognitive economics, experiments and agent based simulation for theory and policy.
    5. Economic growth.
    6. Economics of corruption.
    7. Economics of development and migration.
    8. Economics of science and innovation.
    9. Family economics and gender discrimination.
    10. Game theory.
    11. Industrial economics.
    12. Labour economics.
    13. Local public services: efficiency, equity, and policy.
    14. Models of decision making under ambiguity.
    15. Monetary and fiscal policies.
    16. Optimal taxation.
    17. Paradigm shifts and normal science in the XXth century economic theory.
    18. Technological change, total factor productivity and competitive advantage.
    19. Theories on bounded rationality: methods and theoretical assumptions.
    20. Voting theory and political economy.

Important note: this “expression of interest” does not substitute the official application which will have to be sent in due time. Indeed the submission of the official application remains the only way for being considered by the selection committee.

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