Access Key

In most web browsers, the user invokes the access key by pressing Alt (on PC) or Ctrl (on Mac) simultaneously with the appropriate character on the keyboard.

Browser Operating System Key(s)
Amaya   Ctrl or Alt
Firefox 2+ Linux or Windows Alt+Shift
Firefox 2+ Mac Ctrl
Google Chrome 3+ Windows Ctrl
Google Chrome 3+ Mac Ctrl+OPT
Google Chrome 3+ Linux Alt+Shift
Internet Explorer   Alt
Konqueror   Ctrl
Opera   Shift+Esc
Safari 3 Windows Alt
Safari 3 Mac Ctrl
Safari 4+ Windows Alt
Safari 4+ Mac Ctrl+OPT

Access Key Table

Access Key 0 Maps T
Activities P News Y
Apply 4 Placement L
Archive Q Resources U
Calendar 3 RSS Feed Z
Contacts R Rules B
Courses 0 Second Year Courses 9
Current Students I Seminars F
Curriculum in Economics C Site Map 2
Curriculum in Economics & Complexity D Structure M
Curriculum in Theoretical Economics,
Finance and Statistics
E Syllabi A
Downloads 5 Teaching Committee 6
Facilities S Thesis Defence H
Faculty N Tutors 7
First Year Courses 8 Visiting V
Home 1 Workshops G

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Created: December 28, 2010   Last modified: November 29, 2011